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About Us

About UHS

United Hit Squad is a United Kingdom based sniper team. Our roots go all the way back to when Soldier of Fortune was the preferred Multi-Player online war game. When Call of Duty arrived in 2003, some team members decided it was better for sniping and eventually became a Call of Duty only team. UHS was essentially born from the former DHS by the founding members, those who joined in February 2005.

Today, UHS has active members from 10 different countries. Our language of choice is English, and most members are fluent.

UHS has also been heavily involved in the International Cyber Snipe League since it's inception in 2005.

Our ICSL awards include:
2005/2006 CoD 1: Placed 5th out of 10 teams
2005/2006 CoD 1: 4 UHS members rank in the top 25 individual stats out of 156 players!
2006/2007 CoD 1: Champions! Placed 1st out of 12 teams!
2006/2007 CoD 2: UHS CaptMiller is the MVP of the Call of Duty All Star Night
2006/2007 CoD 1: 1 UHS member finishes the season in the top 10 out of 160 players!
2006/2007 CoD 2: Placed 8 out of 11 teams
2007/2008 CoD 1: Placed 7th out of 12 in the ICSL
2007/2008 CoD 2: Placed 10th out of 16th in the ICSL

August 2008 members from TDSC join up with UHS and our COD4 server is started! Following on in 2009-2010 we also went by Black Op and World at War, all of these servers just came and went again. Late 2011 several of our members got tired of Call of Duty (WTF??) and we as a team decided to switch to the Battlefield Series with own BF2 and BF3 servers!! In 2013 we started our first Battlefield 4 server and in the years up to today we still have that one BF4 server. All others servers are now closed down but we fire up our original Call of Duty snipe only server from til to time for team nights :)
Some of us still play the Call of Duty series in the ICSL as well :)

{UHS} Team Members

Nickname Joined From Status
FireCapt Feb 2005 USA (MO) Active
Stumpy Feb 2005 UK Active
Ranger Feb 2005 UK Forums
RIP Feb 2005 Netherlands Forums
Razor May 2005 Norway Active
Cobra Feb 2005 UK Active
MrC Jun 2005 Belgium Active
MsC Oct 2006 Belgium Forums
Livingdead Aug 2008 UK Forums
Hobbit Aug 2008 Germany Forums
LGA Dec 2007 Sweden Active
Manfred Oct 2008 West Germany Active
TheStrus Aug 2008 Poland Active
Zac Oct 2010 UK Active
RIP.fr Aug 2011 France Forums
Rycoil Sept 2008 ??? Active
Unavez Mar 2016 USA Active
Luckymonster4M ??? ??? ???

{UHS} Team M.I.A

Nickname Joined From Status
Bulldog Feb 2005 UK MIA
CaptMiller Aug 2005 UK MIA
Colboy Apr 2005 UK MIA
Padre Jun 2005 UK MIA
Nemesis Aug 2005 UK MIA
Spook Aug 2006 Germany MIA
HeadHunter Feb 2008 Germany MIA
Riris Aug 2008 Greece MIA
Fear Aug 2011 UK MIA
ozeNa Nov 2011 USA MIA

{UHS} Team Historical

Nickname Joined From K I A
Spitfire Feb 2005 UK Unknown
Slayer Feb 2005 UK Feb 2008
Gideo-ISM Feb 2005 Netherlands Aug 2007
Fantom Feb 2005 UK Unknown
Turkish Feb 2005 Ireland Mar 2007
Viper Feb 2005 UK Unknown
Tizer Aug 2006 Scotland Mar 2007
Madmackem Apr 2007 Germany Oct 2010
VIETN@M Oct 2007 Italy Mar 2008
AlphaZoo Sep 2008 Germany Apr 2011
Blaze Dec 2008 USA Apr 2011
Milkmandk Apr 2009 Denmark May 2009
Gunny Aug 2008 Germany Aug 2009
ThePriest Aug 2008 USA (WV) Aug 2009
Bigfoot Nov 2010 South Africa Jun 2011
TheBeefmyster Nov 2010 UK Jun 2011
Segbut Jun 2006 Germany Dec 2006
Cyclops Feb 2005 USA (NY) Unknown


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